Self-directed Support in Scotland

Welcome to the Scottish Government's Self-directed Support (SDS) website.

This is a one-stop-shop for information about Self-directed Support for people who use social care services and health and social care professionals.

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  • New research from CCPS (carried out by Strathclyde University) into the barriers and enablers for Self-directed Support implementation has been published. This time they were focusing on what is happening in local authorities. You can read it here:



  • Scottish Government today announced the successful applicants to the Support in the Right Direction 2021 (SiRD2021) programme. SIRD2021 will fund 31 projects delivering direct and local independent support across 31 local authority areas, to help people and carers make informed decisions and plans for their social care and work towards maximising their choice, control and flexibility over those arrangements.

    From October 2018 to March 2021 over £7.2million will be invested in projects, who will work alongside relevant local authorities, to ensure that more people across Scotland who require social care are engaged, informed, included and empowered to make choices about their support. A full list of successful applicants to SiRD2021 can be found here -


  • The full Support in the Right Direction (SIRD) report has now been published.

    The report presents key findings from an external review of independent information and support services funded by the Scottish Government.

    The overall objective of this study was to provide an evaluation of services supported by the Scottish Government through the Support in the Right Direction (SIRD) Fund. It fulfils a specific commitment in the “The Implementation Plan 2016-18, for the Self-directed Support Strategy 2010-2020” to evaluate how independent information and support help and enable people to achieve personal outcomes, to be in control of their social care and to make their own decisions about social care. The findings from this review will help to inform decisions about future funding of such projects.

    Read the report here:


  • Support in the Right Direction 2021 (SiRD2021) opens to applications today, Monday 5 February 2018.  Part of a £9m investment into third sector organisations over the next three years, funds in the region of £2.9 million per financial year will be available for not-for-profit organisations to provide independent support from October 2018 to March 2021. It has been developed by Scottish Government in partnership with  Self-directed Support Scotland, Inspiring Scotland and in consultation with the independent support sector. SiRD2021 will fund a portfolio of projects that complement existing services and enable a good geographic spread of independent support across Scotland for all potential users of social care. You can find out more about the programme and request an application form on the Inspiring Scotland website: