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Hello! We thought we would let you know who we have been #SDSblether-ing with this week.

Monday 13th June

Jenny was at an SG 2020 event hosted by the First Minister and Permanent Secretary exploring new ways of working to enable the Civil Service in Scotland to bring about social change with new powers and restricted resources.

Tuesday 14th June

Lorna, Sarah, Des and Mairi were at Leading Transformational Change for Health and Social Care (NHS Event 2016 at SECC). Trying not to be overwhelmed by the scale of the event we were on a mission to seek out colleagues old and new and check out their understanding of SDS. We hosted a session, ‘What Matters to Me’ chaired by Chris Bruce from IHub. We used ‘mindapples’ to ask people what keeps them well, and captured this on apple trees.

                    Here's an example of a 'mindapple'...                         

        ... And our apple trees!

 Here’s our wordle of responses from our apples on Day 1!

But the real highlight of this session was the forum theatre workshop developed by We Can All Do It’, an Enable project in Fife. This was not a shy audience. Before long our character nurse ‘Brenda’ had been replaced by a real nurse, Trish, and the characters May and Phil were joined on stage by their son Richard (played by Sir Jim Elder Woodward), an OT, and clinician. Richard got the last word, insisting that his mother will make her own choices and that she might want to employ personal assistants.


 Wednesday 15th June

Lorna, Sarah and Jenny visited Day 2 of the NHS event. The beauty of forum theatre means we had a completely different scenario played out by a slightly more reserved audience. This time, the scene was more intimate, with a nurse and the couple’s daughter listening closely to May and how she wants to continue doing the things she likes. We Can All Do already have a booking on the back of this!

In the evening, Lorna joined friends at GCIL for their book launch of Way to go’. This book is a collection of personal stories about how young people have followed their dreams to college, employment and voluntary work with the support of personal budgets, their families, carers and GCIL. We were also treated to the premier of Joan’s story which will be available on YouTube soon. 

Des attended the CCPS event looking at recent changes to procurement law in social care.


Thursday 16th June

Lorna and Chris participated in the development group for the new National Care Standards. The principles of Self-directed Support feature highly in these and there is real understanding in the group about their importance. You can find out more here http://www.newcarestandards.scot/

Mairi participated in Civil Service Live where Jason Leitch, Scottish Government Clinical Director, used Self-directed Support as an example of a policy that mobilises social action, shares power and is truly co-produced. The audience was 400+ civil servants from across the UK!

Des attended the Social Work Scotland Conference, Together we make the difference. Update from Des to follow!

In between all of these, we have stolen some rushed planning meetings and prepared presentations for next week’s #blethering. We’ll be part of a workshop about Integration and SDS with colleagues across Scottish Government Health and Social Care directorates on Monday. On Tuesday, we will share the work to date on the SDS Implementation Plan for 2016-18 with some 30 members of the Integrations Partners group.

Today, Friday, Des is #SDSblether-ing in Falkirk while the rest of us are at our desks, catching up on emails, doing some more work on the Implementation Plan 2016-18 and finalising our presentations for next week. What have you been up to?

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